The browser that fights hunger. Help us spread the word !

You search the web, we fight hunger!

Fidin is a search engine that uses its profits to fight hunger around the world.

You search the internet, and with the companies that appear in our search engine, we fight together hunger in the world.

How much will global poverty increase because of COVID-19? Hunger Map WFP

We are building a better world. Together !

Fidin is an internet search engine that donates 80% of the income it receives to different non-governmental organizations with the aim of contributing to ending hunger, achieving food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture. The remaining 20% of revenues will go to the operation of the platform and development of the brand.

These are our values



We will publish our financial reports quarterly. Moreover we prioritize transparent, accountable and ethical NGOs.



We belive your data is yours. That is why we do not sell your personal data to third parties or agencies.

Positive Impact

Positive impact

By searching the web with Fidin you contribute to create a better world solving one of the most important problems in today´s world: Hunger.